Building Your Business Stationery

A business’ stationery is rarely thought about. About the only time some businesses consider it is when they experience a re-branding and have to purchase a whole new suite. Some clients, however, build their stationery suite as needs arise – business cards for a networking event, thank you cards following a large project. It gives people a chance to adapt each piece to their particular uses and adjust as their landscape changes. That’s the case… Read more »

A Pair of Letterpress Business Cards

Recently, one of my neighbors at Catapult Lakeland asked for some business cards that solved a couple problems he had. Like many creatives and entrepreneurs, Joshua leads a couple different lives. He’s the CEO of a software development company and owns a real estate company, among other things. He wanted a business card solution that was relatively minimal in content, reflected a hand-crafted vibe,  and funneled recipients to his most effective channels of communication. To… Read more »

We’re Back! | Creative People Are Weird

Holy cow, what a summer! It’s been crazy, busy and exciting and I dropped the ball on #CreativePeopleAreWeird. Well, I’m back and with this little update comes a big message:

Don’t Retreat!

Don’t let The Resistance or your fear or your insecurity prevent you from doing good work (and communicating openly and honestly). Don’t do it. Got it?

Does Where You Work Matter?

After an unexpected week hiatus, I’m back with another Creative People Are Weird. Typically, I try to have a fairly clear opinion in these videos, setting up to volley with you, dear viewer, and incite lively discussion. This week’s a little different. I’ve been thinking (and reading) a lot about location. Are creatives who chose to live in rural areas or smaller cities at a disadvantage over their more cosmopolitain colleagues? Has technology compensated… Read more »

Designing Stationery In Adobe Illustrator – Using Templates

Many designers seem to see Adobe Illustrator as some great mystery. I’m always amused by how many people I know who are perfectly comfortable working in Photoshop, but will do everything in their power to avoid working in Illustrator.

The fact is: For most stationery design projects, the best tool for the job is Adobe Illustrator. (tweet this)

Illustrator is an incredibly versatile tool for text and illustration design. Its main benefit over Photoshop (or other common platforms) for… Read more »

An Anniversary

Eleven years ago today. I was a wreck. Just a kid, my bride even younger. I don’t think it really hit me, the weight of this thing we were doing. But I was still a wreck. We made promises and smiled, too nervous to even really see the depth in one another’s eyes. It was grand and it was a whirlwind. And the days since now seem to have come and gone so quickly. I’m… Read more »

In Which I Clap and Sing

So, I don’t clap and sing in this installment of Creative People Are Weird, but I do remind you that good creatives want to create world-changing work. And they want to do it for you! Give your creatives some freedom and they’ll be better at solving your problems. And, Creatives, don’t sell yourself or your client short!

Creative People: Don’t Get STEAMrolled!

I attended an incredible symposium yesterday. It was about STEAM, something everyone should care about. It got me thinking about the changing relationship between creatives and the people who pay them. Watch it and tell me what your experiences have been.   And I wore the jacket especially for you.

Personality Trumps Trends

I know so many cool people. They’re so interesting and have amazing personalities. Their stories are incredible. Yet they’re so caught up in following the giant firehose of trends that it can be hard to see their real personalities. It takes bravery to be yourself. People will judge you. But you and your life will be way more interesting.

There’s Always Something New to Try

I just received the alpha build of a new option for publishing articles to quite a few different platforms (Wordpress included).

It’s Desk PM by John Saddington.

I don’t have an opinion of it yet – this is my first attempt at using it – but I like the idea of a streamlined way of sharing my thoughts with you.

Time will tell….