Pleasing Everyone | Creative People Are Weird

I’m stunned by the businesses that pop up in my town who seem hellbent on looking just like their corporate counterparts. Who insist on being as center-of-the-road and fitting in as much as possible. It’s nearly impossible to distinguish them from one another or from their greater-reaching behemoth brothers, except for the higher prices. Why would they do that to themselves? In the next few months, I’ll be running an ad in a national publication… Read more »

Music Mondays | On Preparedness

In high school, I was one of those kids. Tests were easy for me. I had decent recall (which was what most tests were) and was a Grade-A BS artist. I could talk my way out of (or into) almost anything – including decent grades. That meant I could slack on homework and didn’t really have to study. I was that kid you hated. And now it haunts me. See, the huge disservice of my earlier years… Read more »

Spec Work Sucks

Some companies expect creative people to work for free and that’s just shady. Spec work is bad for creatives and it’s bad for clients. Don’t do that crap. Seriously. Don’t do it!

A Wall of Words

I’m on the lookout for calligraphy or hand-lettering that isn’t either traditional or the Betsy Dunlap style, which I love, but have seen a lot of lately. In my search, I came across this. It’s a pretty incredible wall treatment and makes me wish my handwriting (which is horrible, by the way) looked anywhere near as cool as this. And if you happen to know of a calligrapher or letterer with… Read more »

Music Mondays | Music for Robots

I’m kind of ambivalent to the music of Squarepusher. I mean, dude’s got some chops as a writer, but it’s never really connected with me. Here’s the thing: I think sometimes it’s OK to appreciate art for the technical feats it accomplishes, regardless of how it engages you emotionally. At this point, it becomes more of an exercise or etude, a study and not a masterpiece. I think that’s the connection I’m forming with what’s been… Read more »

In-House Creative People Are Weird

I’m very interested in what it looks like to be a “creative person” working in a “non-creative” corporate environment. These folks are often referred to as in-house creatives. Today’s Creative People Are Weird focuses on some of the questions and challenges brought up by the way in-house creatives interact with their coworkers. I have struggled hard as an in-house creative, but learning about myself by way of the… Read more »

Education Done Right

Today I asked my daughter, who has now seen Frozen half a dozen times, to summarize the plot for me. “Elsa had ice and built a castle. The prince was bad.” It was something like that. Not entirely cogent, but hit a few of the major plot points. It may not have been her finest storytelling moment, but it makes me a proud daddy to watch her learn to tell a good narrative. Whether it’s… Read more »

Music Mondays | Rufus Reid

Music Mondays: because life’s better with a soundtrack. Allow me to introduce one of my favorite jazz musicians (and my birthday buddy): Rufus Reid. He’s an incredible musician and one of the kindest people you’ve ever met. And there is that one time I broke part of his bass. Yeah, it was awful. Enjoy this video from a great hit of Rufus’ band in Vienna. It’s incredible.

video | creative spaces redux

When I went to name this post, I was alerted to the fact that I had already written a post called “Creative Spaces.” It was about SND CYN, the co-working space Jasmine Star was using. How appropriate, then, that today’s #CreativePeopleAreWeird was recorded in Lakeland’s very own co-working space, Catapult. Don’t begrudge the creative that needs a very specific environment in which to create. It’s all in… Read more »