Opinions Are Like…

This’ week’s Creative People Are Weird is a special request from a friend. Far too often, unimportant opinions keep creative work from being incredible. Whose opinions do you seek that you don’t need to? Trim the fat this week and stop asking, because everybody’s got one.

A project for artists

Chris Guillebeau (I’ve never been able to figure out how to pronounce it) was the first example I encountered of email marketing  done right. I’m impressed with this guy. And I’m really excited about this project he’s doing with Jen + Omar of These Are Things. This looks like a great offering for creatives looking to stop moonlighting and start full-timing.    

Skeptical optimists see the glass as half full but never get tired of brainstorming ways to fill it all the way up so that more people can enjoy what's inside.

Liene is a deep well of marketing and wedding wisdom.

removing clutter to grow

I just had lunch with a friend. You might know him (or know of him). You might not. That doesn’t matter. Even though we only live a few blocks apart, it’s been a while since we’ve last spoken. We were having one of those where are we heading? kind of discussions. The air of transition is pretty thick in both of our lives; it’s the reason we’ve not been connected lately. Though he might be reticent… Read more »


I love words printed on paper. Usually it’s because of how much I enjoy reading them. Sometimes, it’s because of things like this: Artist Andrew Hayes’ compositions in metal and book pages are so powerful, so raw. Just more proof that books are beautiful. All images are the artist’s.  

Pro Tip for Stationers: rotary cutters

If you’re using a rotary cutter to slice through anything that’s adhesive-backed, there’s a good chance the adhesive will gum up your cutter. It happened to me this weekend and wreaked havoc on the project and my hands (not to mention how incredibly unsafe it is). The good news is: this was a quick and easy fix. A quick dusting of WD-40, a run across the cutting surface, and a thorough wipedown not only cleaned… Read more »

you can’t get one just like the last one

Search traffic is such a mixed bag. Sometimes it completely boggles me the path some of my visitors take to get from that little white box (so full of potential) to my website. Searching for a certain diet company’s logo? There’s a good chance you’ll end up here. Have questions (especially ones I’ve yet to answer) about acrylic wedding invitations? We’ll probably be crossing paths soon. Some of… Read more »

the 3D printing revolution and weddings

I just saw a Fast Co. article about a new benchmark in 3D printing. A company called Pirate 3D has raised funds for the production of a 3D printer that will cost less than $400. This price (and some fine features) represent a giant leap forward in accessibility of in-home 3D printing. And, while there’s some doubt as to whether 3D printing will truly become ubiquitous, I do think it is an… Read more »