you can’t get one just like the last one

Search traffic is such a mixed bag. Sometimes it completely boggles me the path some of my visitors take to get from that little white box (so full of potential) to my website. Searching for a certain diet company’s logo? There’s a good chance you’ll end up here. Have questions (especially ones I’ve yet to answer) about acrylic wedding invitations? We’ll probably be crossing paths soon. Some of… Read more »

the 3D printing revolution and weddings

I just saw a Fast Co. article about a new benchmark in 3D printing. A company called Pirate 3D has raised funds for the production of a 3D printer that will cost less than $400. This price (and some fine features) represent a giant leap forward in accessibility of in-home 3D printing. And, while there’s some doubt as to whether 3D printing will truly become ubiquitous, I do think it is an… Read more »

scented invitations

Have you ever noticed how powerful the effect of scent is? It’s amazing, the memories and feelings a certain scent can elicit. My morning routine would be all together disquieting without the comforting aromatic melange of coffee and nag champa incense. A scent can take you back to a rapturous day from your childhood or the day you got your dream job. I think scents are such an under-utilized tool in the… Read more »

how much is enough?

Striking the balance of adequate information information and adequate whitespace is the Stationers’ Dilemma. On a recent menu project, the input I received from the client and the chef were pretty far removed from one another. (Fortunately, the client and the chef were great in helping me land on a typesetting that worked well for everyone.) My initial sketch included the word “Menu” at the top as well as the event’s date. It also included the… Read more »


It was the oddest thing.

I was having daddy-daughter dinner downtown last night and had decided to succumb to the beauty of Florida winters and chose a sidewalk table. As dinner ended, some familiar melodies started drifting our way. We detoured on our walk home to explore and saw a couple of guys cranking out some seriously nice gypsy jazz – just a guitar and soprano saxophone playing some of my favorites. Stella By Starlight,… Read more »

what makes you rise up?

My friends are often a great source of delight. Several friends have been encouraging me to read Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and, while it’s on my list, it hadn’t reached the top until yesterday. My friend Chrissanne spoke for a group of which I’m a member about social media from the framework of Sinek’s book. It was a very well-conceived presentation that was timely for this audience. I’m sure… Read more »

addressing envelopes

I think every invitation purchase (whether from a fine press or anyone else) should include a calligrapher; it’s the extra step that elevates an invitation above the rest of the day’s mail. The truth is,though , hiring a calligrapher isn’t always a fit for your clients. If you’re a wedding planner that’s handling the addressing of envelopes for a client, here’s a tip: Have your stationer deliver the envelopes and liners separately (you’ll line the… Read more »