Duplexed Letterpress Business Cards | Negative Space


You know that thing about the cobbler’s children and their shoes?

This stationer is always without business cards.

But not anymore.

In honor of a snazzy new visual identity, I decided it was time to update the A Fine Press business card.

And since digital+traditional is so good, I duplexed a digital texture image (on Crane Lettra digital) to a 2-color letterpress front on Wild White 166#.

This was a great chance to experiment with knockout, printing a background and using white space for the logo. The effect is that the white, unprinted space raises above the background, similar to an emboss.

It’s nice for the kids to have shoes!

2-color letterpress on Wild 166# duplexed to 4-color process (HP Indigo) on Crane Lettra Digital.

Starting at $400 for 100 cards