Letterpress Illustration prints by Derek Myers


There’s a great group of illustrators making names for themselves on Instagram, among other places. Some of them have styles that are just dying to be manifest in letterpress.

Derek Myers is one of them.

We took one of his beautiful mountain illustrations and printed it 5x7″ in deep black on Wild 166# cover paper.

The natural white fit the themes in Derek’s work and the soft, cottony stock gave us room for some nice impression without mangling the paper.

It’s standard practice to use vector artwork (the kind you design in Adobe Illustrator) for letterpress prints, but it’s possible to go straight from hand-drawn illustration to plate.

In this case, we converted a 1200 DPI scan into bitmap (each pixel is either black or white) and output it to our platemaker.

The results are stunning – it’s a type of work we want to do more of!

If you’re an illustrator looking to sell letterpress prints or working on a client project that calls for high-tactility and impact, let’s talk!