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Feb 01 2013


Please go read this and come back and tell me:

Do you find this inspirational? Horrifying? Absurd?

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this intersection of fashion, art, and body modification.

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  • Lee Anne Roquemore

    Well, I’d imagine by now that you know that the way I think about these sorts of things is with a very particular {and incredibly rare} worldview.
    That said, I find myself often wondering {just last night, in fact, in a bit of a heated discussion about entertainment} about the purpose of such things and how/if/what/when it is appropriate that for our own luxury/entertainment/self-indulgences we either actively bring more suffering into the world {one who traffics children, for example} or passively do so {shopping at Wal-Mart and creating a never-ending demand for child slave labor, endless landfill waste & toxic runoffs, etc.,}.
    I do wonder – what resources are spent on such a thing as this? What problems are ignored by choosing to use those resources for this? What problems created {if any at all}? And with what purpose at the heart of it, and what end goal in sight?

    Perhaps not the response you were even remotely looking for. Food for thought and 1 comment posted, anyway.

    • afinepress

      It’s certainly an important component to the conversation. There is some frivolity in all aesthetic endeavors when there are clear and present needs at the base of Maslow’s pyramid still unmet in the world.

  • Lee Anne Roquemore

    Oh! And as far as the actual piece is concerned – I think folks will always, always find a way to create a buzz by finding whatever idea they have that seems most shocking. I’m not surprised by it – not really grossed out by it anymore than people of all sorts who spend their lives focused on their appearance {in so many varying ways, some much worse than this odd fashion/art statement}… being that it comes from the same root.