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0:00welcome to this week's episode of happily ever caffeinated your weekly 0:03wedding video series will get stupid I on coffee and talk about weddings i'm 0:07your host just be still and co-founder of photokina and i'm here today with 0:10matthew from a fine press and we're going to be talking about personalizing 0:15your wedding 0:16let's do that I would like my wedding to look like every wedding I've ever seen 0:27on pinterest can you make that happen for me a camera i warn't absolutely i 0:34also like how do i make it personal how do we make it like how there's so many 0:39things i like right how do i define my style says the bride says the broccoli 0:45exactly yeah you can pretend that I have met my enemy and my enemies Pinterest 0:53Pinterest is a tool that you know that can be used for wonderful things 1:01unfortunately most Brides most couples music for the exact opposite reason they 1:06just pulled a bunch of crap from other weddings and that's super cool if you 1:11want your wedding like everybody else's but we're in a whole new place ok it's 1:15been over 10 years since I was married we were young we have a wedding to look 1:19at everybody else's it wasn't pinterest he was just watching internet the 1:24internet really existed but it was what we saw with everybody else and it was 1:30what was expected and the cool thing about getting married today is there are 1:34very few expectations and because we're able to connect and see what other 1:40people around the world are doing 1:41we've all become a little more weird will become a little more us because we 1:46don't have to fit in with the people in our media area we didn't 1:49the people who find online like some weird strange things are global 1:53organization and so a wedding is a chance to show off who use a couple are 2:00like with my clients always try to tell them your invitation i try to move them 2:04to a place where their invitation would read as there's even if their names were 2:08on if they showed up without their names with their guests know that was there 2:12right 2:12if it wouldn't why are they sending likewise pendant you're already spending 2:16the money right spend it on something that looks like you 2:19that feels like you in our case you had a little i would wipe the glasses 2:24everywhere 2:24actually you know what I would do if I are getting married today I would send 2:28out field notes that limitation because I carry one of these around everywhere 2:31go quick plug paragraph 1 send me more please 2:35free please sponsor me know i would totally and he's like I know right i 2:41would send these because I carry one everywhere I go and if my guest got this 2:45they would know it was mine and without my name on it now my wife doesn't take 2:49the field notes so they wouldn't always heard necessary but well there you go 2:53nowhere but there are opportunities at every stage of your wedding to make it 2:59yours and nobody elses every tradition get 4 on 10 3:03you don't have to throw any of them on their hands you can keep every tradition 3:07that you weren't but do because it's meaningful to you not because you're 3:10expected to do it not because you saw it somewhere you know one of the things 3:13that I've seen the phenomenon to tap into the last couple months is this geo 3:17cake thing that are for those of you that haven't seen this this woman 3:22forgive me i'm going to say her last name wrong with Rachel truthful made 3:24this beautiful geo cake for an industry event was anything for a wedding she 3:28made it for an opening of a friend's wedding boutique or I forget what it was 3:34but she was this beautiful cake 3:36it made the rounds it was on huffington post it was on BuzzFeed she was on The 3:40Today Show amazing exposure and I knew the minute 3:43that happen geo cakes everywhere ok they're beautiful but how many 3:48geologists are getting married in America this year you know nothing no 3:52takes against yellow ok we love 3:54oh haha yes geologists get married too but how many of them are there they're 4:00probably fewer geologist in America than geo cakes this year right and so what's 4:07the point in getting a geo take unless you really dig Gio's right make a cake 4:11get a cake made that represents you with someone right and so for me 4:15like literally the only point of the only . we have to stop is if it's not 4:20loving your guests to do something that's like disrespectful to your guests 4:24okay that's one thing if you've got a bunch of old grandma showing up that 4:27might be a little scared by loud music maybe your professional shouldn't be 4:32something too crazy and anthrax but if if you're getting if it's lovin to your 4:41guests if it helps bring them into your community there shouldn't be many rules 4:46and you know i mean i eloped 4:49ok that's how we got married and I am addicted to briars natural vanilla ice 4:54cream with a little beans and I'm totally reasonable thing to be a good 4:57too and it's hot in the keys instead of having a wedding cake we did fruit salad 5:02and a scoop of buyers been a ice cream on the side 5:05how cool is the best thing ever cool delicious i love it 5:09yeah i think it makes a ton of sense and so for me it's a hundred percent about 5:14injecting as much personality as humanly possible into every piece that I do for 5:18my clients and trying to get my clients to see that is the way that they 5:22planner women and I know that we haven't talked about this but I'm like stare I'm 5:27and constantly just what are those and why 5:30how can i get them at all i think that likes this is skool skool this is 5:36actually the case for invitation i did really i will administer them both of 5:40them check this out there actually posters their laser engraved wood 5:44posters can you doing that 5:47there we go crazy with the better wait i know right and this was actually a 5:53solution to how in the world do I mail the concrete wedding invitation hungry 5:58its concrete cast concrete let's yes how much postage for this 6:04it doesn't matter when you're spending concrete money on invitations right so 6:08it takes us 6:12it takes a special couple to do concrete but like if you really dig industrial 6:16furniture if your house is concrete floors and be like I'm you know this is 6:21the foundation of our wedding get any nudes she's party tonight very pretty i 6:26love is how does this how did you pre screen-printed it's just screen-printed 6:30on cast concrete took up five or six iterations is actually one of the 6:34earlier iterations which is why it's cracked because it was actually gonna 6:38take a picture at this hour so i can post it so people can see better 6:42yes that's amazing 6:45so it became a question of how the world we ship them 6:48yeah and I thought what are we gonna do might as well make something that the 6:51guests can keep as a keep safe so that becomes your case that's me put a rubber 6:58band around that and you've got two posters and an invitation all-in-one 7:02package minds and get this you'll notice there's no date on here there's there's 7:09no monogram on here so they can use it for whatever is someone going to hang 7:13your monogram on the wall 7:14no one's gonna do that if your favorite has your name and the date on it unless 7:18they're super creepy if you can do favors for a part of your program or 7:22part of your invitation that maybe relates to your wedding in some way but 7:26doesn't just scream hey this is our wedding night then people might actually 7:31you have a chance of it being a part of someone's life and as a photographer her 7:36if I was shooting a wedding that sent out an invitation suite this badass 7:40right i would include that in the detail exactly thats I mean want people to be 7:45excited about 7:46I love it it's kind of exciting i absolutely love this incredible they 7:50hurt in using us with personality i try i mean our cold everyone has that orange 7:57you are you this is really good and didn't really have I told you its wheels 8:02on google yeah I'm all day 8:05he's fabulous Matthew thank you please let your joining absolutely areas i'm 8:10always question with the question itself is worth fixing ? sorry very especially 8:24when you're always pushed into when you try to find what where when why ? sorry 8:29Barry 8:30let's bring them down now one 8:35indeed
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Sep 21 2016

You be you!

So, you’re getting married?

Do you and your fiance have personalities?

Great! Your guests want to see them!

I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Jessie Stehlik of Foto Bohemia and talk unique weddings through the lense of invitations. This is a must-watch!

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