The power of paper

It’s not what you expect. This guy made a table saw blade from a sheet of paper! Can you imagine the papercut from that‽ Yikes!  
Creative: Are You Fooling Yourself?

Creative: Are You Fooling Yourself?

I know a lot of creatives – graphic designers and makers and the like – who love the stereotypes of the right brain. They’re night owls and disorganized. They create in a frenzy and seek the muse constantly. It’s a romantic life. And I think it...

We’re Back! | Creative People Are Weird

Holy cow, what a summer! It’s been crazy, busy and exciting and I dropped the ball on #CreativePeopleAreWeird. Well, I’m back and with this little update comes a big message: Don’t Retreat! Don’t let The Resistance or your fear or your...

Does Where You Work Matter?

After an unexpected week hiatus, I’m back with another Creative People Are Weird. Typically, I try to have a fairly clear opinion in these videos, setting up to volley with you, dear viewer, and incite lively discussion. This week’s a little different. I’ve been...
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