Custom Handmade Wedding Invitations from A Fine Press
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You toil over the little things.


You’ve taken great care to create the perfect environment in which to celebrate your love and honor the community you’ve asked to join you in this revelry. Every element has meaning and beauty.

Shouldn’t your invitations reflect that?
  • Laser-cut Tree of Life Bar Mitzvah Invitations
  • Rose Gold Foil & Wood Invitation
  • Letterpress and Laser-Engraved Art Deco Invitations
  • Laser-Engraved Faux Bois Wedding Invitations
  • A Storybook Wedding
  • Laser-Cut Wood Invitations
  • Invitations For the End of the World
  • Dinner Party Letterpress Invitations
  • A Graphic Designer’s Wedding Invitation
  • Surprise Instagram Party Invitations
  • Concrete (screenprinted) and Wood (laser-engraved) Luxury Wedding Invitation from A Fine Press
    Luxury Concrete Wedding Invitation
  • 4-color CMYK Letterpress Postcard
  • Acrylic + Concrete Masculine Elegance
  • Copper Letterpress Invitations
  • Rustic Elegance – Wood and Leather Menus

We Believe…

  • That an invitation should announce the wedding it is inviting you to.

  • That the things your guests see in the invitation should make an appearance at the wedding.

  • In rewarding the careful observer.

  • That paper isn’t the only option.

  • That technology (both new and ancient) can make some pretty cool things in the right hands.

  • That your guests deserve to be delighted.

Handmade Invitations

Inviting Experiences

That’s what each bespoke inviting experience from A Fine Press is guided by. You only get once chance to announce your wedding – to set the stage and your guests’ expectations. Our handmade wedding invitations are carefully considered and crafted to be the perfect way to do that.


We love letterpress and foil stamping for their rich, deep textures. We also work in laser-engraving, 3D-printing, leatherwork, concrete, wood, acrylic, and pretty much any other way of inviting you can dream up.


If you want to know more, you can read about the process of creating your own inviting experience below.


Contact us here if you’re ready to get started or you have any questions.

The Process

  • 1


  • 2

    Getting to Know Each Other

  • 3

    Design Proposal

  • 4


  • 5

    Refinement/Proof Approval

  • 6

    Making Magic

First Contact

We want to make the best inviting experience possible. This starts with your investment of time in filling out our inquiry form. There’s a lot there. We believe that giving you the best requires knowing you and the celebration you’re planning.

If you already know exactly what you want and there are other stationers confident they can do it, it’s likely they’ll be your best fit. However, if you want something that every other stationer has said no toor you want want a professional to craft the most fitting announcement possible for your big day, then we will probably be a perfect match.

The Proposal

Often, your answers to our contact form give us enough information to dream up the perfect invitation for you. If we need more information, we will call you within two business days. From there, we will sketch and source the solutions we think that your big day deserves. This gives us a proposal and budget estimate for your consideration. We love doing this over video – Skype or Google Hangouts– to be able to give you the clearest picture of our vision and get direct feedback from you.

These sketches will be very rough – we haven’t actually done the design work yet. And this proposal does not have to be the final direction your inviting experience takes. It’s simply a suggestion of first steps and approximation of its cost.

Making Things Official

If your proposal gets you as excited about working with us as we are about working with you, you can signify your intent to move forward with a deposit, which varies depending on the scope of the work involved. For most of our projects, this is $1,000.

Designing Your Inviting Experience

This is where the magic happens. We’ll take everything we’ve discussed to this point and craft a design and plan for your stationery. If we’re using new production or print techniques, this is where will test them. This gives us an opportunity to refine the budget and provide you with a concrete investment figure. It also gives us a chance to hone in on the things that will work best for you.

Whenever possible, we love to exercise the art of rewarding the careful observer. This means we’ll work with you to add small details that may not be noticed by every guest, but will be pure delight for those that do. Our clients often find these little details to be the thing their loved ones gush over when they reply to their invitations.

You’re not locked in

Occasionally at this point, we discover that we might not be the perfect fit for each other. This becomes your perfect opportunity to explore other options. If you decide to go elsewhere, you’re free to do so now. Your initial deposit is our design and consultation fee and will stay with us. Of course, we hope you love our designs and want to move forward with your invitations.

Making Your Invitations

We always provide digital proofs of your inviting experience. We often recommend you purchase a hard (physical) proof of your invitations and may, in some cases, require it. These give us a chance to make sure the reality we envision matches your expectations.

Whew! Now it’s time to turn concept into reality! Your payment of 50% of the balance secures your place in our production schedule. Whatever the printing method, this is where your inviting experiences will take shape. We’ll keep you updated on progress and let you know when we’re nearing completion. Your balance is due before packaging and shipping.


Would you like to assemble your invitations yourselves, perhaps adding a personal note to each? Or would you like us to stamp and deliver each invitation to its recipient? We love doing both! Whether you want to be hands-on or simply want us to get them to your guests with love and care, we will carefully sort and package your invitations, delivering them to your doorstep or your guests’.