You know the old story about the cobbler’s children never having shoes? Well, I was determined not to make this the case as my own little girl turned two. We were having a small Cat in the Hat-themed party and opted for a single-panel invite (and a regrets-only RSVP). This piece is significant, as it’s the first run you’re seeing printed by a fine press’ sister company, Swan City Press. It was printed on my recently-acquired Chandler and Price 8×12 platen press.

The invitation was printed on 220# Crane Lettra in Flourescent White with a ridiculously deep impression (that you may have seen here). The return address was printed on the back flap and the envelopes were lined with crayon-colored paper – red, yellow, blue, green, and purple.

If you’d like custom invitations for a birthday party, wedding, or other celebration, contact Matthew to discuss your special day. In the meantime, this cobbler’s kid is gonna have some shoes!

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