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Art as Inspiration | Andy Goldsworthy

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Corporate Stationery, Weddings and Social

Meet my current obsession.

His name is Andy Goldsworthy. It’s no secret that I love art. I believe wedding planners, wedding designers and, in general, all wedding-related people should be looking to art instead of other weddings for their inspiration.

This guy Goldsworthy? He’s a dream for wedding people!

He uses natural elements – twigs, sand, leaves, stones, ice – to create stunning visuals. Sound familiar? It’s the elements we see in a lot of weddings already. Except Goldsworthy does it on a level like you may not have seen before.

Goldsworthy Leaves

Goldsworthy Arch
Goldsworthy Reflection
Goldsworthy Stones
Can you see any of these forms making their way into your wedding decoration? I think they’re pretty incredible and would love to incorporate them into your invitation.

Let’s get dreaming!


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