A business’ stationery is rarely thought about. About the only time some businesses consider it is when they experience a re-branding and have to purchase a whole new suite.

Some clients, however, build their stationery suite as needs arise – business cards for a networking event, thank you cards following a large project. It gives people a chance to adapt each piece to their particular uses and adjust as their landscape changes.

That’s the case with my friend Christian, who is an incredible interior and textile designer.

Her stationery started with notecards that reflected her brand without leaning on the imagery she had been using (a bit of a refresh, I guess). I was lucky that she had recently been featured in my town’s city magazine, so I had some wonderful visuals of her own home to draw inspiration from.

Christian recently called to see about adapting the art for her notecards for use as a letterhead. I happened to think the components worked well on the format without any real adjustment, so we used the same letterpress prints to create a letterhead and envelope on a matching Crane Lettra stock.

And next up will be a business card to match. I’ve got some fun ideas for that one!


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