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Cutting Room Floor | Stereoscopes

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Corporate Stationery, Weddings and Social

Cutting Room Floor is a chance for you to peek behind the curtain and see the ideas that, for whatever reason, never made it into being. It’s an opportunity to see just how we’re willing to dream for our clients. They’re ideas we’d really love to see produced. Feel free to take these ideas and run. Of course, we’d love to make them for the right client. Is it you?

I love antiquated technology. It’s a great way to gauge progress, but it’s also a great reminder of ritual and source of totems (if that makes no sense to you, read this).

One of my favorites is the original 3D picture. No, not the viewmaster (though that would be pretty cool)…the stereoscope.

I’d love to incorporate vintage stereoscopes into an invitation, utilizing vintage photos alongside new photos to create an immersive experience for the invitee.

I really like the idea of incorporating text into the photos, creating a deep inviting experience that will make your invitation a collectible your guest will treasure.

I must admit: there’s a pretty direct inspiration for this particular project. One of the more recent editions of the Peter Norton Christmas Project was a modern stereoscope that was an absolute utter delight to see unboxed in person.

At a quantity of 100, such an invitation would start at around $100 per invitation.

If you’d like to have your own vintage stereoscope wedding invitations, leave us a note and we’ll get started dreaming with you right away.


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