George Lois is one of those rare advertising/design types who has managed to gain some notoriety in the popular vernacular. If you know of him, it’s likely from one of his nearly 100 notorious Esquire covers. If you don’t know of him, you should.

His latest book, Damn Good Advice, is full of just that. I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s no-nonsense. Lois is an ad man, afterall.

What it does have is some incredibly practical advice for creatives of all types and I think it’s of particular importance to wedding planners and designers. I think I see some Preston Bailey in Lois (though without Preston’s finesse): the confidence in his Muse, the insistence on not compromising his vision. It’s the some of same stuff studious wedding pros have been reading from Preston for a while, but with coarser language.

Where I see a ton of value is in the approach. You can read this as an outsider. Lois gives a lot of real estate in this book to chasing, expressing and executing the “Big Idea.” He eschews the groupthink that leads to “analysis paralysis” and “group grope.” He encourages hard work and play as well as healthy living.

Not only is so much of Lois’ advice spot on (though I do beg to differ on his less is more mentality as it relates to sleep), but it’s provided in right-sized bits that make this a quick read and an ever-present reference.

Pick yourself up a copy to be entertained and prodded into the next step as a wedding pro. You’ll be glad you did.

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