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bright idea | bridesmaid dress quilt

by | May 13, 2012 | Uncategorized

Because even a the most fashionable bridesmaid dress stands a very small chance of making it into a woman’s rotation, there’s this.

For $295, Kathy Carrier of Uncommon Goods will turn your bridesmaid dress(es) into a gorgeous quilt; one that stands a much better chance of getting multiple uses than it would have in its original form. Of course, a wittily written (and well-printed) card telling your bridesmaid she’ll never have to feel guilty about not wearing the dress again would make a great bridesmaids’ gift. These quilts could look beautiful with the great combinations of colors so many couples are choosing for their attendants.

I can also see this working as a great gift for a planner to give her bride, too. I have no association with the artist or Uncommon Goods. I just thought this was something you’d like to know about. Head on over to Uncommon Goods to purchase one.

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