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facebook tip for blogging businesses

by | Jun 20, 2013 | Uncategorized

Several of the people I follow on facebook (dear friends included) keep shooting themselves in the foot and I want them to stop hurting themselves. They’ll post some incredible, life-changing content on their blogs and then post something like this on facebook:

We just posted an amazing post about gobbledigook on our blog. You should check it out! Go to

Please stop doing this!

Sure, when you post the facebook post, your content is right there at the top of your blog and is easily found. But what happens when someone comments on that post next month and it rises to the top of my feed? You’ve made it incredibly difficult for me to find that amazing content because you didn’t like directly to it.

Your link’s not durable.

Facebook’s linking feature even provides photo and text previews enticing me to read your content. Please, for the love of all that’s holy, do it!

  • Just copy the URL of your blog post into the status bar on facebook and hit enter.
  • It will create a preview of your content.
  • You can then delete the URL and create some pithy commentary on it.

That’s it! Now your facebook content is durable and will help your fans get to the great content you’ve created.

You can do it!

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