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ANNOUNCEMENT | Fly in the Ointment

by | Aug 15, 2012 | Uncategorized

Have you heard of Kirby Ferguson and his brilliant Everything is a Remix?

It’s likely that you already knew what Kirby asserts: Our creative output is comprised of the sum of our influences and our perspective (standing on the shoulders of giants and nothing new under the sun kind of stuff).

Our creative work reflects what we consume.

Maybe that’s why so much of the media surrounding weddings seems to look the same. We’re all looking at the same pinboards and reading the same blogs. We’re all thumbing through the same magazines to make sure we know what our clients are looking at and influenced by. In the end, we’re all remixing the same stuff and it’s hard to feel original.

Enter Fly in the Ointment.

We’re here to disrupt. To spoil. To give you fresh material for your remixing pleasure. To bring Jay-Z to your Beatles (or vice versa – did you watch the video?).

Fly in the Ointment is a weekly digest of inspiration from everywhere but the world of weddings: art, architecture, fashion and pop culture… There’s a whole world of ideas and concepts that are left to explore and we want to bring it to you on a platter.

We’ll also be highlighting the creative ways our readers apply influence and inspiration to their work.

It all starts August 21st.

We’re looking forward to bringing you some fresh perspective and seeing what amazing things you create with it. Enter your email address below to sign up today and, please, tell your friends.

Thanks for listening.

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