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giving thanks | Élan event studio

by | Nov 22, 2011 | Letterpress

I love the different ways people say “thanks.”

Some of my good friends would never ever consider sending a thank you card, but they will express their gratitude in extremely sincere and thoughtful ways. I think even Emily Post might be OK with the trade-off.

Of course, seeing as I make stationery, I very much appreciate friends who do send thank you cards. You can imagine my excitement when Monica of Élan Event Studio called about custom thank you notes.

There’s a beautiful, understated elegance to Monica’s brand and I wanted to honor that with just the right amount of wow. We kept to a simple color palette – PMS 5483U and bright white, provided by Crane’s Fluorescent White Lettra. I’m a huge fan of back-flap return addresses, so we printed this one in letterpress on the square flap.

We printed on a 220# (600gsm) A6 sheet, laying the “thank you” down with the textural goodness of letterpress and flooded the back of the card with a screenprint, knocking out the logo to reveal it in fluorescent white.

The envelopes were lined with a digitally printed stripe pattern to match. It can be quite a challenge to match the process color of digital or offset prints to a PMS spot color. Because the liner didn’t contain any large washes of color, it was a little more forgiving and we ended up with a great match across techniques.

All that makes for an incredibly elegant way to say “thank you”

Let us help you say “hello” or “thank you.” Contact us to start your own story.

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