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If You’re Wondering How Much Logo Design Costs

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Corporate Stationery

My friend Sarah Dayan wrote a great article about logo pricing.

Spoiler alert: she doesn’t tell you a dollar figure.

The cost of a logo should be dependent on a myriad of factors. I’d argue that a designer who quotes a logo price without taking some time to understand your business isn’t much of a professional.

Logo design may seem like a racket. You’ve likely heard the famous stories of famous logos that cost nothing. Perhaps you’ve seen some very ugly, very expensive logos? They lend credibility to the idea that designers might be charlatans.

Of course, there are some absolute quacks out there.

But the fact that there are cheap, “good” logos out there doesn’t diminish the truth that solid, consistent branding work is the domain of professionals. And that professionals will provide you a quote once they understand the scope of the work.

There’s no quick and easy answer to questions about the cost of a logo. Anyone who tells you otherwise fooling themselves.

I’m interested to know – what are your experiences with branding projects? Speak up in the comments, please.

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