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A Letterpress Introduction

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Corporate Stationery, Letterpress, Weddings and Social

If you browse my instagram of late, you may notice that we’ve been printing a lot of business cards and personal/business stationery. The truth is, we have been printing business cards like crazy. We’ve been focusing on growing the letterpress printing side of A Fine Press (as opposed to the inviting experiences side, which features a lot of lasers and other crazy production methods).

Things are going well there and it’s time to focus on the core of what we do at A Fine Press – crafting inviting experiences that reward the careful observer.

We know that many times, a couple doesn’t find us through Google or Facebook or an ad, but through the person they trust most with their wedding – their wedding planner. That’s why we’ve been scouring the country (and even the planet) in search of planners whose style matches our own modern, sometimes masculine aesthetic.

This week, we’re introducing A Fine Press to a few of these planners with a small letterpress note.

A Letterpress Note from A Fine Press-3

It’s printed in a classic black (which we skip-fed on press for a richer color) on Wild 166# Cover. It’s the same paper we use for our Humble Beginnings made-to-order letterpress invitations. We duplexed it to 91# Colorplan Citrine (with a little detail that might go unnoticed – rewarding the careful observer). Then we lined the luxurious Wild envelope with the same Citrine sheet and addressed it in my somewhat aggressive, unpretty handwriting. It’s a part of our aesthetic. Kintsugi. Wabi sabi. Broken is beautiful.

A Letterpress Note from A Fine Press-1
A Letterpress Note from A Fine Press-2
A Letterpress Note from A Fine Press-5
A Letterpress Note from A Fine Press-4

This was also a chance to debut my new signature. I hated the scrawl with which I marked personal notes and credit card receipts, so I practiced for days, shaping my signature into something a little more interesting (I think).

The truth is, there are hundreds, if not thousands of amazing wedding planners with sympatico styles that we could have sent these to. We chose to limit the number we sent in order to make sure we have the capacity for meaningful conversations and excellent service for these planners and their clients.

Give us a call. Let’s see how we can help you and your clients craft an amazing inviting experience.

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