Our local afr location contacted me about creating the invitations for their annual showcase/networker. Since the theme was “Countdown to Chaos,” we decided to create a networking “survival kit” that was hand-delivered to the event’s VIPs.

I wanted these survival kits to feel like they had been sitting, long-neglected, in the corner of some wedding designer’s warehouse. I painted and distressed cigar boxes and fabricated a textured foam bed for the survival tools. The letterpress invitation lined the lid and the annotations were affixed next to each item.

There was hand sanitizer because you’ll be shaking all sorts of questionable hands, vodka to get a head start on the evening’s festivities, bandaids for papercuts from aggressive business card trading, and some tylenol because smiling and nodding takes its toll.

We finished them off with a sponsor sheet on the invitation’s bottom.
I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Matt of Penny & Finn who not only photographed these invitations, but helped me construct them. On top of that, the table in the pictures was made by Matt and his dad, who run Pine Stock together.
See more photos here.

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