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Little Ways to Reinforce Your Brand

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Corporate Stationery

So, you’ve either learned to say “no” when the client asks to make the logo bigger or you’ve culled those clients from your list altogether.

People are starting to get it – there’s too much noise and shouting louder doesn’t get you noticed more (or at least not for the right reasons).

But, for agencies and other ad-industry-types, the pendulum often swings too far. It seems we’re often afraid of brand reinforcement.

If you’ve swung too far, there’s hope! Consider implementing a few of these as ways to reinforce your brand when you’re out in the world:

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  • Does branded swag feel stale to you? Consider editing. Implement it in one or two key pieces that your staff is most likely to carry around with them – especially when they’re engaging with clients. I’m a big fan of branded notebooks. Laser-engraved or cut-vinyl appliques are a great way to implement this one!
  • I learned this one from my friends with an audio branding company: Encourage employees to use branded audio as their ringtone. This is really effective if you have installation or implementation staff that engage with clients on their turf (and not exclusively through meetings).
  • Gift art that carries the visual theme of your brand without throwing the logo in their faces. I’m a huge fan of this one. Give gifts that don’t feel like marketing pieces and that the recipient is likely to actually use. I encourage my wedding clients to do this all the time; who wants to display someone’s wedding invitation on their wall? But include a stunning art print that’s related to the wedding, but clear of details, and you stand a much greater chance
  • Use custom postage for whatever mail you may actually send. Y’know, I’m in the mail game, but I don’t fool myself into thinking it’s a booming industry. That said, you’re probably still sending things in the mail – thank you notes, the occasional invoice…Use custom postage ( comes to mind) to tighten up the package.

Of course, there are limitless other ways to tighten up your brand experience. What are you doing to reinforce your brand?

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