I absolutely adore my local City magazine.

The publisher is a brave gentleman who stepped out of his comfort zone to bring a quality quality of life publication to our community. He sought some pretty wise design counsel and an incredible editor (a friend of mine with exquisite taste). When she stepped down earlier this year, a dynamic team of women (the world-changing Alice Koehler and the mighty fine photographer Tina Sargeant) took the helm.

The most recent issue of The Lakelander, released this week, is an homage to one of the business men who made our little spec in between Tampa and Orlando an important stop on the trek from Florida’s coast to coast, Publix founder George Jenkins.

As a part of The George Effect, I was one of a few local entrepreneurs interviewed for this issue. I was also honored to have Dustin Prickett of Sunglow Photography shoot some incredible shots of my space.

You can pick up a copy of the magazine if you’re near Lakeland or you can read back issues (of which this will inevitably become) here.


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