Derek Sivers really challenged me recently with this post. As a former employee of my local chamber of commerce and a guy who just likes to be social, it’s safe to say I’ve got quite a network of friends and contacts in my great city. My friends jokingly call me the mayor – a nod both to the suit/tie/suspenders and my social proclivities.

My challenge is: the market for a fine press isn’t in Lakeland. It’s in New York, Atlanta, Paris, Chicago, London, Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle…you get the idea. In this internet-connected world, I can meet clients and run my business from this great town in the far corner of the country.

The problem is that knowing and being known in Lakeland doesn’t do much to help me grow a global invitation business.

Derek’s given me a lot to think about and it’s something I’m still mulling over nearly a month later. What’s your take? Do you experience the same struggle?

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