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It’s a Little Less Quiet in the Studio These Days

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Corporate Stationery, Letterpress, Weddings and Social

For the longest time, A Fine Press has been me – Matthew Wengerd – and the incredible free-agents I bring in to help me complete certain projects.

But that model can’t sustain every project I want to do. Sure, there’s something to be said for being lean, but there’s also something to be said for having the mass to be able to make things happen.

So, this semester, I’ve taken the first step by bringing on Marcos Martins as my intern from Florida Southern College. I’ll let him introduce himself:

Hello! My name is Marcos and I am Matthew’s new intern. I am a Theatre/Communications major at my college and I am looking to pursue a career in event planning or hospitality management. I came across A Fine Press on a local website that connects interns with internship opportunities. I came in for an interview over Summer and have been working here since the semester started. In the past few weeks, I’ve done a multitude of things from organizing old work samples to brainstorming future videos. Most of the time, Matthew and I discuss ideas for future projects and marketing. Probably my favorite thing that we’ve done so far is turn an old light-up sign into a decorational shelf that looks pretty awesome. You might have seen it in the background of one of his videos! This semester I plan to learn everything I can about completing projects, interacting with clients, and marketing the business. I hope to keep in touch through blog posts and videos. Bye for now!

What he didn’t tell you is that I almost fried myself trying to light that thing up!

It’s been a wonderful adjustment to lean into the shift from solopreneur/artisan to business. It’s a transition not without its bumps and turns, but I’m thrilled to have Marcos along for the ride. Say hi, will ya?

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