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If you’re planning a wedding and looking at your invitation options, you may have noticed that there are a ton of options out there. Hundreds of stationers with hundreds of offerings. And with those offerings come (sometimes incredibly) confusing pricing models. Half a dozen grids with every conceivable option.

What tier was that invite I liked?

Was the RSVP one color or 2?

It’s just a little overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch Humble Beginnings, a made-to-order modern letterpress wedding invitation line.


[you can see the Humble Beginnings line here]


Every marriage starts with a humble beginning. Stealing a glance from across the bar. A blind date, set up by a mutual friend. A swipe to the right.

In essence, your wedding is just the two of you, standing across from one another, promising to love one another.

We have crafted Humble Beginnings with that simplicity in mind. Simple options. Simple pricing. Simple customization. Modern letterpress wedding invitations for every humble beginning.

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The Paper. 

Every Humble Beginnings invitation is printed on 166 pound Grouppo Cordenons Wild neutral white. We chose it because it represents the best properties of a soft, cottony paper, but with a slightly more rigid feel that makes for a more substantial impression when your friends and family hold it.


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The Pieces.

We’ve found that most couples want an invitation, RSVP card, and envelopes for them. Have you looked at other companies and been frustrated to realize that the price you saw didn’t include and RSVP or maybe printed envelopes? That won’t happen with Humble Beginnings. Each invitation includes:

  • An A7 (5×7″) letterpress invitation card
  • Letterpress-printed matching A7 envelope
  • A 4bar (3.5×5″) letterpress RSVP card
  • Letterpress-printed matching 4bar envelope

Of course, if you need letterpress accommodations cards or thank you notes, we’re happy add them to your order.



The colors. Every Humble Beginnings invitation and RSVP card is letterpress printed in two of our twenty-four hand-selected colors. We’ve chosen them to fit most modern, bold wedding color palettes. If you’d like to color-match swatches or samples, let us know. We’re more than happy to do so for a small fee.

The Designs. Like A Fine Press’ custom inviting experiences, Humble Beginnings invitations feature modern, bold, and clean designs. Some designs are rather masculine, while others are feminine without frill. We think these are perfect for modern, design-minded couples.

The Pricing. There’s nothing to hide and no advanced math degree needed. All Humble Beginnings letterpress invitations are priced the same, with 100 invitations customized, letterpress printed, assembled, and shipped to you for $1,495. Quantities are available in multiples of 25.

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And please feel free to ask any and all questions as we work to write a clear and helpful FAQ.

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Because Humble Beginnings is a new line of products for us, we do not have samples of all of our designs yet. As such, we’re offering a significant discount to the first few brave couples who order their Humble Beginnings invitations.

The first three orders will receive a 33% discount off the regular price by using the code “humblebeginnings” at checkout.
Additionally, the first order of each remaining Humble Beginnings design will receive a 15% discount, no code necessary.



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