Music Mondays: because life’s better with a soundtrack.

Whew! What a summer!

There’s so much to share, but I wanted to kick this back off (it’s been a while, hasn’t it?) with a fresh Music Mondays.
A couple weeks ago, while in New York for The Knot Gala, I had the opportunity to take a nice little detour from the usual talk of the evening and geek out on jazz with these handsome young gentlemen.

We bonded first over our love of unique eyewear. It was immediately clear that Adeev and Ezra are the real deal: great musicians who get the business. They know that killer chops aren’t the only thing; you’ve gotta have something for people to latch on to. These guys have both in spades.

Check out the hipness of this cut from their album, Twintuition:

It’s a huge joy to say that I know these guys. It’s also a real gas that their manager is none other than the incomparable Amy Zaroff, one of the best event planners in the industry. Man, I love how small this hip world can be!

With all the jive talk about jazz lately, it’s so great to see a couple young lions with good heads on their shoulders, guys who understand the music’s place in the 21st century. I can’t wait to see them again.

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