Music Mondays: because life’s better with a soundtrack.

For the longest time, every gig I booked had a different lineup. One of the benefits of booking me to play jazz for an event is that I don’t have a steady band and can book for your budget and space – everything from a solo guitarist to a seventeen-piece big band.

The trio format has been a clear preference for most of my clients and, after many years of booking a different lineup each gig, I’ve been able to call on the same two guys for a while now. This means our rapport and musical vocabulary has grown significantly over the last few months.

It just so happens that this nucleus is the same lineup that my pianist, Andrew Allen, has chosen to employ for his upcoming album(s). Andrew has two releases out on Coverville Records, highlighting jazz arrangements of music historically left to the nerds: Star Trek themes and video game music.

Since he’s tweeted it already, I can tell you that the upcoming release, featuring José Cochez and I alongside this great pianist, will be a Marvel/DC comics extravaganza.

We had our first rehearsal this week and fans are in for a treat! I’ll be updating via twitter and instagram, as well as possibly co-opting another Music Monday or two as things move along.

It’s a great year for nerd jazz!

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