Its amazing to me how quickly mobile publishing has gone from a novelty to de facto. A couple years ago, my (internet) friend and fellow bass player Jason Heath blogged about how he used his iPhone to publish content on his website and otherwise manage a hectic freelancer’s life. I was intrigued, but considered it incredibly impractical.

Now here I am, pecking this post away on my Android phone, having just set tomorrow’s alarm by simply telling my phone to wake me up at six. I just booked a gig for my jazz trio via Facebook messenger and invited the other musicians via Google calendar. I store most of my client files in the cloud and accept credit card payments (and deposit checks) with my phone. I just read that Hyundai is planning on making vehicles available in the next couple years that unlock and start by signals sent from your phone without it leaving your pocket or purse.

Welcome to the future.

What’s striking to me about all of this is simply: the barriers are few and the excuses irrelevant. Whatever you want to do, it’s likely that the tools are readily available (to you and your competition). Whether it’s planning weddings overseas or manufacturing three-dimensional invitations with a MakerBot, the barrier to entry (and greatness) is now lower than ever for people with the talent it takes to get there.

What are you waiting for?

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