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Here’s Why No One’s Coming To Your Party

by | Sep 8, 2019 | Corporate Stationery, Weddings and Social

You’d think they actually wanted my presence – or at least my money.

I was invited to an industry event recently, presented by an organization I wasn’t familiar with. From what I can tell, it was their big annual event, maybe even a fundraiser.

It was close enough to attend without an overnight stay and, judging by the friends I knew who were attending, it was likely to be a pretty fruitful night of networking.

The problem is, I had no idea I was invited.

This particular organization fell prey to the allure of the lowest-friction form of messaging: facebook event invites.

Low friction meant it took almost no effort to get their message to my virtual front door. Most people would probably consider that win. The problem is, the accompanying lack of traction meant I never actually opened the door and saw the message.

I literally had no idea.

The signal to noise ratio on low-friction (free and easy) communication is so low that I have learned to tune most of it out. There’s literally no way to cut through the noise if the speakers aren’t even on.

The IRL, physical mail used to be like that, but have you noticed your mailbox being stuffed less and less these days? Mass marketers can spray-and-pray for much less money online, and so junk mail is on the decline.

That means the mailbox is a perfect place to surprise and delight your audience.

This is how you get them to RSVP.

I know, it sounds like a trap, coming from a guy that makes stationery for a living, but actually surprising and delighting your people with a thoughtful, meaningful invitation is the best way to make sure people are aware of the awesome party you’re throwing.

And, whether it’s a wedding, a fundraiser, or a corporate holiday party, adding a little friction to the inviting process gives you all the traction you need to get their attention.

Whether or not you have a luxury budget, invest in your people by sending them real, physical invitations that feel like a gift; you can guarantee they’ll know they were invited!


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