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out of the shop | indie atlantic

by | May 26, 2010 | Uncategorized

Out of the Shop is our chance to move outside our four walls and into our friends’ lives for just a moment, highlighting the work of the amazing photographers, planners, musicians, artists, and rapscallions that inspire us.

I met brothers-in-law Andy McEntire and Matt Wiatt of Indie Atlantic over a year ago.  Matt moonlights as a DJ of BOOM-BOOM, mmmm-chk variety (not like this guy) and had contacted me about playing some jazz bass while he spins the platters.  Before we could ever schedule a session, we ran into one another and Andy happened to be there.  I’ve since come to really love these guys and the energy they bring to everything they do.  They’ve had some of the most incredible gigs you could ever imagine, but consider giving back to their homebase (my little piece of Florida) a top priority.

I sent the guys a few questions and gave them a day or two to respond.  Even in separate responses, it’s easy to see how well these guys work together.

1} Who are you and what do you do?

Matt | Matt Wiatt co-owner of The Indie Atlantic Company

Andy | I’m Andy McEntire and I’m a co-owner of The Indie Atlantic Company based in Lakeland, FL. Indie Atlantic is the parent company of Indie Atlantic Films and Connect by Indie Atlantic. Indie Atlantic Films documents weddings and events worldwide. Connect works with non-profits through film by creating promotional, historical, informational and fundraising videos. We also have a lot of experience with film making in the music industry and broadcast television.

Tum and Eli’s Pre-Ceremony Wedding Film from Indie Atlantic Films on Vimeo.

2} How did you start?

Andy | I started creating films when I was much younger, interned with a company in college that filmed some of the largest and most exclusive events in the country. I was able to gain a lot of experience in film and business and decided to start a company. Indie Atlantic actually began as a live music, film, and design venture and slowly moved to strictly film with hopes to bring music back at some point.

Matt | I have been working in Film/TV/Video Production since college. (how cool is that!?  I want my own imdb page!)

3} Name three things {or places or people or eras or..or…or….} that inspire you.

Andy | Three things/people that inspire me: 1. creative and motivated individuals 2. faith/family 3.opportunities (always inspire me) and if I may add a 4th…coffee.

Matt | Family, Faith, Fun

Underwood Diamond Dash from Indie Atlantic Films on Vimeo.

4} How would your friends describe you?

Andy | (crickets)

Matt | (cricket-cricket)

5} How would they describe your style?

Andy | clean, professional.

Matt | Professional

Eli + Tum Cohl Key Biscayne Wedding from Indie Atlantic Films on Vimeo.

6} What are you reading/watching this week?

Andy | Watching season finale of Lost, Film Riot on,  Reading Prayer by Richard Foster.

Matt | Lost,, Diggnation, Friday Night Lights

Anna + Nick’s “Love Story” from Indie Atlantic Films on Vimeo.

7} What’s it like to work with your brother-in-law?

Matt | We are friends and family first.  Its great working together.

Andy | It’s wonderful to keep the company “in the family”. I’m a huge fan of working with family members and especially ones who are very creative. Matt offers so much creativity and vision for our company. We’ve become a great team and he’s added so much balance to the company. My sister Katie also is a huge help and is incredibly brilliant at creating stories and producing.

8} Why “Indie Atlantic?”

Matt |Ask Andy…

Andy | Indie, standing for independent. I didn’t want our company to be tied to corporate formats or a set sequence. Each project we create is custom to each and every client. Atlantic is a tie back to where the company was started and where we grew up on the east coast of FL, the Atlantic.

9} What’s your most embarrassing moment on the job?

Andy | Nothing too embarrassing…but many adventures with lots of once in a lifetime experiences. Met some very interesting people as well throughout the travels.

Matt | I have not really been embarrassed on the job.  When I was producing a pet show for PBS.  It was always interesting when I would go buy props at the pet store. The cashier would always give me weird looks because of the variety and quantity of pet supplies I would buy.

Vega Pre-Ceremony from Indie Atlantic Films on Vimeo.

10} What’s next?

Matt | We have a variety of projects in the works.

Andy | Many things are in the works right now that we are excited about announcing when the time is right. We are working on some fun documentaries and will be traveling to South Korea in July for a film shoot. We will also be spending a lot of time working here in Lakeland on some new and exciting things.

Matt and Andy are great guys and phenomenal videographers.  Do yourself a favor and stop by to check out more of what they do.

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