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out of the studio | walt cannoy

by | Jan 7, 2011 | Uncategorized


Here’s the thing:

I’ve known Walt for a little while now and seen most of the images of his work he puts on facebook and his website.

But tonight.  Tonight I saw them in person.  On a wall.  Walt’s part of the current exhibition at Arts on the Park in Lakeland, Florida.

And his work absolutely floored me.

Seriously.  He’s not paying me to write this.

Walt’s work is absolutely breathtaking and should not be missed.  The prices that he has on his art on the walls are more than fair; go get a piece before they’re all spoken for.

There’s such a beautiful melancholy in the robots Walt paints.  Maybe a little deus ex machina.  And it needs to be beheld.

Walt’s website does him no justice.  Not because it’s bad, but because photographic representations of Walt’s painted image are immensely inadequate to convey the depth and breadth and spirit in Walt’s work.

Even if you can’t buy a piece, please do yourself a favor and check them out in person.  If nothing else, it’s a stark reminder that glowing screens are no substitute for the real thing.

All photos courtesy of the Artist’s page.  Now go see this stuff.

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