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Last month, Pantone announced its color of the year.

I didn’t mention it.

I didn’t mention it because I was busy with wonderful clients, fun projects, and solid family time.

But also, I didn’t mention it because I just don’t care.


Could. Not. Care. Less.

Pantone does one thing I care about – it makes the books that let you and I talk about color and know we both mean the same thing.

Honestly, they might do this whole “color of the year” thing well. I wouldn’t know.

Because I don’t care about trends.

I gave them up.

It’s Rachel Teufel’s fault.

See, she’s the one that made that geode cake. No, not the one you saw at your friend’s wedding last year.

She made the first one. The original. And it got a lot of press.

And I predicted this would be the major trend of 2016.

I nailed it.

Everyone saw Rachel’s GORGEOUS cake and said “I gotta have it!”

But how many of those geode-cake-eating couples have any actual relationship with the rock? How many of their friends came to the wedding and said “Oh, that cake is SO perfect for them.”?

And, honestly, how many of their guests were seeing a geode cake for the first time?

For so many of the couples who boasted a super-trendy geode cake, there was no personal connection, no surprise, and no wow-factor.

They were right in the middle of the pack.

And that sucks.

Who wants to be like everyone else?

Do you?

I sure as hell don’t.

And I don’t want you to be either.

Watching the rise and fall of the geode cake was my cue to exit the world of trend totally and finally.

I just don’t care.

While so many couples plan their ultra-violet weddings (hey, Pantone said it’s cool!), I’ll be working with world-changing clients who lwant to be authentic, brave, and bold.

We’ll be setting trends and on to the next thing before it even hits Pinterest.

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