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plantable letterpress bookmark

by | Sep 22, 2010 | Letterpress

We made these bookmarks for the students of Churchwell Elementary School in Lakeland, Florida.  Their theme this year is “Go Green and Grow,” so we thought a nice plantable paper (with seeded paper from Porridge) would be perfect.  As we happen to know the music teacher there (Matthew’s wife, Meghan), we went with a music-themed bookmark.  The quote is often incorrectly attributed to Shakespeare, but its origins are not known.

It was so much fun trying to connect music to the “Go Green and Grow” theme and we’re thrilled with the results!

The inconsistent inking of large fields of color in letterpress (called “salting”) lends a beautiful, rustic look here and is accentuated by the texture of the seeds in the paper.  It’s certainly not the ultra-clean, modern look we often gravitate towards, but this almost hand-made look just does it for us.

When the students are done reading, they can plant these and get a nice little wildflower garden to remind them of the book they read.

We’d love to do a plantable invitation, business card or announcement for you.  Email us if you’d like to dream something up with us!

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