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Foil Stamped + Laser Cut Business Cards

It takes some strategy to properly combine multiple papers with a laser-cut reveal.

It was well worth the effort to bring you Eli’s business cards. He brought a beautiful monogram design to A Fine Press and we discussed the best approach to give him a beautiful monochrome look that still had enough contrast to make the laser-cut detail to stand out.

Everything has to occur in a specific order to work effectively. The grey was printed (foil-stamped) and the black laser-cut separately, then duplexed with a dry adhesive to avoid squeeze-out.

Because we had already laser-cut the cards, the final shape was cut out of the duplexed sheets with a traditional metal-rule die.

1/0 foil-stamped business cards on Classic Crest Pewter duplexed to laser-cut Rising Museum Board, die-cut

Starting at 3,500.

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