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What the Queen’s Party Planner Has to Say About Invitations

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Weddings and Social

For some couples, their wedding is the most structured ritual in which they’ll ever take part. For others, it might be one of many.

And then there’s royalty.

People for whom every day is ritual.

And the Queen’s cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson, is there to create extraordinary experiences for guests who may themselves be bored of all the pomp and circumstance.

She was recently highlighted in the New York Times (where she takes credit for inventing the RSVP card) and had something interesting – and very true – to say about invitations.

“The invitation sets the tone. If you have a cheap-looking invitation, she says, “you imagine there’s going to be acidic wine and miserable food.”

And I agree completely.

She went on to say “Simple and elegant are preferable to invitation one-upmanship: “Someone wanted me to do ‘save the dates’ with Swarovski crystals costing no less than 2,500 pounds a card, and that’s just vulgarity,” she said of the cards that would cost nearly $3,600 each.” 

Even I’ll admit – that might be too much for a save-the-date.

An invitation? That’s a whole nother story.

But no matter the budget or style, an invitation should be a fitting introduction to your celebration. Now is not the time to gloss over details or be extra frugal.

Meanwhile, Lady Anson had plenty more sage advice – it’s an amusing read.

And many thanks to Roey Mizrahi for pointing out this great article.


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