My friends are often a great source of delight.

Several friends have been encouraging me to read Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and, while it’s on my list, it hadn’t reached the top until yesterday. My friend Chrissanne spoke for a group of which I’m a member about social media from the framework of Sinek’s book. It was a very well-conceived presentation that was timely for this audience. I’m sure there was a ton to take from it, but I got hung up on this one sentence (among many others) on one of Chrissanne’s slides:

What will cause you to rise up and argue or debate, maybe even lose your temper?

And I wonder what that thing is for me and you. Do you get a little edgy when someone says a $500,000 wedding isn’t worth the money? or do you bristle when you hear someone say something can’t be done or always has to be done? when someone is beholden to traditions? or refuses to honor them?
What are you so passionate about that you don’t mind offending someone to defend it?

Seems to me like you should start there.

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