Have you ever noticed how powerful the effect of scent is? It’s amazing, the memories and feelings a certain scent can elicit. My morning routine would be all together disquieting without the comforting aromatic melange of coffee and nag champa incense.

A scent can take you back to a rapturous day from your childhood or the day you got your dream job.

I think scents are such an under-utilized tool in the event arsenal.  From cocktail hour to the dance floor, a signature scent can tie an event together in ways no other element can. As event professionals, we integrate a company’s logo or couple’s monogram into nearly every element of an event. Why not do the same with one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal?

And while we’re talking signature scents, it only makes sense to introduce guests to your concoction early – through the save the dates and invitations. Whether it’s a favorite perfume, an essential oil, or a custom fragrance, your signature scent can have a powerful effect on the way your event’s perceived.

The great thing is: it doesn’t have to be overpowering like a middle school girl and her Britney Spears perfume-(did I just date myself?)-laden love letters. A subtle infusion of your signature scent can be lasting and powerful while remaining subtle.

So, here’s to lovely scents and fond memories when the envelope is opened.

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