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Tech and Your Message

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Corporate Stationery

(banner image by @creative_tools)

This week, I’m meeting with a potential new partner for high-volume 3D printing projects. The technology seems to finally be catching on as a tool in the event industry. It’s doing the same in marketing and correspondence.

With this momentum comes demand for more challenging projects.

It also comes with a pretty big hazard: the use of technology for technology’s sake.

If you’re going to use image-mapping or 3D printing or RFID chips for your wedding invitations or your business cards, please make sure the technology isn’t just slapped on for cool-factor. Instead, use it intentionally.

Yeah, it’s cool. But don’t let technology obfuscate your message, no matter what it is. tweet it

If someone remembers the tech but can’t remember what you wanted them to do (RSVP to your wedding, call you when they need a minimal industrial dining table…), you’ve lost the plot.

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