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 Neenah and Two Paperdolls have partnered to create a campaign reminding us all of the Beauty of Engraving. Watch this gorgeous video by I Do Films.

The Beauty of Engraving by I DO Films from Greg on Vimeo.

Seems like Neenah, whose Crane Lettra paper makes for great letterpress and engraving, is looking to give engraving a boost on the heels of letterpress’ recent popularity. Can’t  say I blame them.

I don’t think we’ve begun to explore the interesting effects and techniques available to the engraver. I’m hoping this project will help bring the art into the 21st Century in much the way photopolymer plates have done for letterpress. There’s also the potential for some amazing combinations of letterpress and engraving.

Wedding planners and designers, we would love to work with your clients on engraved invitations as a part of their inviting experiences. Start the discussion by telling us a little about your event.

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