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Luxury Weddings Planners: Lindsay Sims of TOAST Events

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Weddings and Social

One of the great things about the wedding industry is the people who make it so incredible. One of them is Lindsay Sims. She and her TOAST Events team craft some of the most beautiful, meaningful weddings in the South.

I had the opportunity to talk with Lindsay about the  TOAST weddings experience. She’s insightful and thoughtful for sure. If you’re looking for a wedding planner for your southern luxe wedding, you’d be smart to give Lindsay a call.

You’ve got a few locations throughout the Southeast – where are they and what makes each one unique?

TOAST was founded in Atlanta, where we currently have two full time planners, myself and Kerri. We plan many events in our beloved city- but also travel with our brides to areas such as Highlands, NC and Lake Oconee. TOAST of the COAST plans destination weddings for brides, up the Southern coast! Nicki is based in Amelia Island, and plans weddings in Charleston, Savannah, Bluffton and more! Her location is unique as almost all of her brides are not local to the area and rely on her to be the boots on the ground, she often doesn’t meet the bride in person until far along in the planning process! Kasey heads up Nashville and TOAST of Tennessee and most of her weddings are right in the heart of Music City!

What does every TOAST wedding have in common?

Every TOAST wedding has special details that tell the story of our couples. We work hard to get to know our clients in a way that we can weave in special details that continue their story.

How do you find those little details from your clients?

We love to get to know their personal style, decorating style, favorite designers and favorite things to do together. We love to learn as much about them as possible to draw inspiration for personal touches and details we can use throughout the wedding design!

You’re from a part of the country steeped in tradition. What traditions do you think are worth holding onto and which should couples consider letting go of?

Part of what I love most about Southern weddings, are the traditions! Some of my cherished ones are items that are passed down for generations, even sometimes a wedding gown! And I will never tire of using a monogram! We are trying to get brides to let go of super traditional invitations and making them aware that something with a touch of personality, while still elegant can set their wedding apart! Another tired rule or superstition is using a proxy bride at the wedding rehearsal.

Whoa! I’ve never heard of that one!

What’s something you wish every couple knew before they contacted TOAST?

I wish every couple understood the importance and value of having a full-service planner and designer engaged for their wedding. We often have to explain why we need to be involved from “soup to nuts” it’s refreshing when we get to talk to a bride who understands and knows that is what she needs.

Tell me about something you usually have to talk couples into that they almost never regret.

Hands down- videography! Most people think that video is unnecessary or it will be intrusive. Or they think they will never watch it. Video has come a long way and now are mini movies. It’s so wonderful to have a memory of not only the sights of the day but the sounds- and only video can give you that! Many of my couples have thanked me profusely for insisting on video, after they receive the finished product.

Is there something you’re dreaming of doing when the right couple comes along?

I would love to plan a very intimate wedding weekend for 20 guests or less, with a great budget and the opportunity to go all out with special details and experiences for the group!

It’s rare to get the chance to craft experiences on such a personal level, but so rewarding when you can! Here’s an important one: Live band or DJ? Why?

Live band, no question. Almost 100% of our events have a live band, it’s a must, especially in the south! The crowd engagement and interaction take the party to the next level.

What does luxury mean to you?

I’m not a fan of using the word “luxury” {especially in describing what I do, or who I do it for}, though I realize it is the line of business I am in. Something should look and feel luxe without having to use the word. We try to convey this through both the experience our client’s receive and the images and style of our weddings. While a luxury wedding comes with a certain price-tag, a wedding doesn’t have to be extravagant or over the top to still be considered luxury.

And, lastly, where do you find inspiration?

Like many of my peers I try to find inspiration outside of weddings and Pinterest. Travels , interior design, wallpaper and fashion are a few of my go-tos!

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