If you read my posts regularly, you may know that I’m currently taking a few Skillshare classes, including Branding With Radical Typography by James Victore.

Man, James is a tough teacher.

I’m not sure about the other students (I have my assumptions), but I came to the class with a shoulder full of baggage as it relates to type and design. I’m a type snob (I might change the fonts I use on this website because of how poorly kerned “Aw” is in the title of this post) and I use my knowledge of “good design” as a signal of legitimacy to make up for my lack of formal education.

And that just doesn’t cut it in this class.

The thing is, I think a lot of designers get caught up in the technique and miss that their work is actually supposed to communicate. (tweet this)


So here’s a first attempt at letting the message be the most important thing. And in embracing my ever-disappointing handwriting.

It’s a message that every recipient deserves to get in the post:

You Are Awesome.

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