OK, so I’m not asking which came first, but which do you run our of first.

When I deliver invitations to clients, I include a small overage of envelopes (usually 5%). However, when I send notecards or thank you cards, I usually send equal numbers of cards and envelopes. My reasoning is that, unlike invitations (where you’re generally not writing in them), there’s a very good chance you’ll screw up a notecard or two. In fact, I think it’s likely that you’ll screw up about as many cards as envelopes. Therefore, I’m in the habit of sending equal quantities of each.

So, the question is: do you? If you order 100 or 250 notecards or thank you cards, how many cards and envelopes do you need to scrap due to mistakes?

Fellow stationers, what’s your SOP on custom cards?

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