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Show City Pride with your Wedding Invitations

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Letterpress, Weddings and Social

Got major city pride? Love the place you live?

Want to celebrate your hometown while you celebrate your nuptials?

Let’s do what Raubdruckerin do and do a  little found-object printing as a part of your wedding invitation suite!

The collective uses a city’s infrastructure – manhole covers, grates, etc – as printing plates for relief printing on fabric.

We could do the same to print a background pattern on your invitations. Or a custom print your guests can proudly display.

From the city seal to utility markers, there are all sorts of places we could use to make your invitations uniquely yours while celebrating the city you love.

Dang, I want to do this!

So, who’s gonna make it happen with me?

h/t Colossal – photos thanks to Colossal and Raubdruckerin

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