Every. Single. Time.

This video gets me all teary-eyed. Without fail.

It’s just freaking beautiful.

You know why?

Because it celebrates culture. It celebrates the couple. It celebrates their family and friends.

It’s not some freaking trend. It’s not something they saw on Pinterest.

It’s them. Through and through.

And this is something that I’ll preach every chance I get.

Find inspiration from your life; not the blogs and magazines.

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You can tell with each passing second of this beautiful video – from the first wild gesticulations through to a touching nose-to-nose embrace – this is a deeply moving experience for everyone involved.


If this isn’t proof that personal, meaningful programming just plain slays wedding traditions, I don’t know what is.

Are you engaged?

Get a pen and paper or open your notes app.

Do it now.

Write down the last three things that you personally experienced that moved you. Moved you deeply.

Maybe it moved you to tears. Maybe it didn’t.

But something in your life has moved you deeply. What was it about those events?

Now, next time the two of you are sitting together, planning your wedding, discuss how you can give your guests a similar experience.

How much more valuable is that than some generic unity ceremony (because you think you’re supposed to do it)?

Now, if one of those trends or traditions is meaningful to you, please do it! But don’t program your wedding and reception out of duty.

Give yourselves and your guests the most beautiful experience you can.

And, by the way – the words of that beautiful dance?

“Son, although it may be difficult for you / and son, although it seems to be unyielding / no matter how long you reflect on it / the answer to the problem / is here inside you.”

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And if you want to know more about how to have a wedding that’s all yours, watch this:

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