Don’t blame them. They probably don’t know any better.

OK, let me back up for a second.

I want to be the best I can be. For my family. For my clients. For myself. And part of being the best me I can be involves being engaged in the moment.

I’m not very good at it.

I’m trying.

[bctt tweet=”Push notifications are a pavlovian bell that causes us to salivate for distraction.”]

If you’ve ever done any research into lifehacking or productivity, you’ve likely concluded that most of the people who care about these things agree: notifications – on your phone…on your computer – are anathema to productivity. They’re a pavlovian bell that causes us to salivate for distraction.

I’m against them. 100%.

And that’s why I will not ever ask you to turn on notifications for one of A Fine Press’ social feeds.

Yeah, we’re talking Instagram and the stupid algorithm crap that’s got everyone’s panties in a wad.

Look, Instagram has been wonderful for A Fine Press. I often receive quality inquiries from my ideal clients who found me based on a photo on Instagram.

And I think it’s crap that Zuck and co want to deliver more homogenous gruel to us through what has been, to me, an inspirational platform of shape and form.

But the truth is – accounts with quality, engaging content will survive. They always will. Those brands will likely outlast the platform – the social network – that’s causing a ruckus.

And I’ve seen plenty of good people with quality content post some stupid little post with a stupid little arrow that may – or may not – actually point where it should. They’re urging you to turn on notifications. Everybody did the same crap when facebook went nuclear on the algorithm.

It is what it is.

Please, live your life.

If you enjoy the content I share on IG, please double tap that crap. And comment (sometimes it gets lonely)! And Maybe even regram it if it’s super cool.

But, for Pete’s sake, please don’t turn on notifications for my feed. I don’t want to be that guy every time your phone buzzes.

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