Let’s be real: custom printing (even when it’s not letterpress or engraving or some sort of fancy glow-in-the-dark inks) is expensive.  It may seem inordinately more expensive than more off the shelf print jobs (standard-sized postcards, business cards, stationery, etc), but there are some very real and compelling reasons for it.

Check out this video of a print job from Flash Reproductions.  It’s a fairly simple print job with a die-cut and score.  The key here is how many steps are involved in the production of this piece.  The labor and materials required to produce and implement custom dies, seriographic screens, and offset plates add up.

This type of custom work isn’t for everyone.  It’s perfect, though, for those who want to make an indelible impact on the recipient and believe in the paying for the value of that impact.  Mixing processes and using new and different techniques get me excited; contact me to start your own custom stationery or packaging project.

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