It’s such a joy to work with friends.

Jess & Jason are the wonderful couple who you, you may recall, lent their good-looking selves to our Barrington Hill photoshoot.  We gave them new names and fictitious details for our editorial invitations.  This time, it’s for keeps.

The couple opted for an all-in-one mailer with a perforated RSVP postcard.  the while thing was folded up and blind-sealed.

The RSVP card is detached via perforation and returned sans-envelope.

We featured the silhouette of the Barrington Hill farmhouse and, as a reference to the evening we’ll be having under the stars, hid a waning crescent moon behind the fold.

It was a double thrill to get one of my own invitations in the mail recently.  Our family can’t wait to celebrate with our friends!

If you want a completely unique custom wedding invitation, email us and give us a chance to wow you.

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