Search traffic is such a mixed bag.

Sometimes it completely boggles me the path some of my visitors take to get from that little white box (so full of potential) to my website.

Searching for a certain diet company’s logo? There’s a good chance you’ll end up here. Have questions (especially ones I’ve yet to answer) about acrylic wedding invitations? We’ll probably be crossing paths soon.

Some of it’s my own doing and easily fixable. I could get rid of the J* logo hunters with a couple tweaks and I could actually answer the questions people have about acrylic invitations – that might pre-qualify (or at least educate) the inquiries that come in as a result.

Pinterest traffic can be frustrating, too.

I think the thing that most frustrates me is this: it appears to me that most of the inquiries I get as a result of this traffic are from people asking for customized (or barely edited) versions of what I’ve already done. Can I tell you how many storybook wedding invitation inquiries I’ve received in the last couple weeks?

Honestly? Probably not going to happen.

I want people to come to me because they trust me to create a completely custom, hand-crafted wedding invitation. One made just for their day, not one they saw in a blog. I can’t repeat myself.

It’s not because of some deep-held artistic belief. It’s because I’m not sure I have the discipline to stay fresh if I’m working in the same space all the time. If it were all letterpress, or all laser-engraved acrylic, I don’t think my output would be as good as you deserve.  My clients deserve an invitation that is uniquely crafted for their day, not someone else’s.

So what are your secrets?

How do you get potential clients to call on you for custom work, not to rehash your last project that got blogged or pinned? How do you convert clients who want you to repeat yourself into dream clients?

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