I’ve really been struggling with the word “luxury” as it relates to stationery, weddings and my work. I was already having reservations about it when I read this post from Liene, which was incredibly clarifying for me.

It is strongly connection to some observations I’ve had about my own generation. It’s about our need to connect to our past, our friends and our world.

I think there are new words replacing “luxury” in our vernacular – bespoke, custom, hand-crafted. These are all words that, to my mind, speak to the process as much as (if not more than) the product.

Today’s AAB post got me thinking about how I’m telling my story and what words I’m using to do so.

You’ve not yet begun to see the kind of work I want to be known for, but it’s coming. I’m still working on how to frame this work. What story am I telling? What luxury am I selling?

So tell me, please: what kind of luxury are you selling?

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